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#242 "Jungle Hell - Catachan Jungle Fighters, New Lictor Rules"

By: Games Workshop

Type: Magazine

Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #201 - #250

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#242 "Jungle Hell - Catachan Jungle Fighters, New Lictor Rules"
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It's a Jungle Out There: The galaxy of the 41st Millennium is a dangerous place to be - even the vegetation can be lethal! Gav takes a look at some of these predatory plants and Nigel explains how easy they are to make…

Death from the Shadows: Few can equal the combat prowess of an Assassin on the battlefield and here veteran player Dave Cain explains how to make the most of these knife-wielding murderers in your games of Warhammer…

Wolf Pack: A tale from His Divine Majesty's Ship the Lord Solar Macharius…

Followers of the Dark Gods: The wyrdstone has brought a more insidious power out of the shadows of the City of the Damned. The rumour is that a being called the Shadowlord has inhabited the ruins…

Chaos on the Streets: Skirmishes between two warbands are a common occurrence but sometimes rival Mercenary Captains will lay their differences aside and ally against a common enemy. Mark Havener has written full rules for fighting larger games of Mordheim involving several players, as well as seven new scenarios...

Witch Hunt: A blow by blow account of the bloody skirmish between the zealous Witch Hunters, raised by the flamboyant John-Paul of Brisigitti, and the foul Possessed, commanded by the infamous Paulus the Fat…

Advanced Rules: New ordnance rules…

Brace for Impact: Questions and answers for Battlefleet Gothic…