Invulnerable King, The

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Module

Product Line: Slaine (d20)

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Invulnerable King, The
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This campaign will take your players from Albion all over Tir Nan Og and beyond, as they quest to depose their tyrannical king, re-assemble an ancient stone circle, and save all the northern tribes from the combined might of the Fomorians and the Drune Lords. This adventure is intended for 1st and 2nd level characters from the Fir Domain tribe. It would suit a party composed mostly of warriors, with perhaps one druid or witch and one thief, though it could work with an all-warrior party so long as their skills are sufficiently varied.

All you need to play The Invulnerable King is this adventure, a copy of The Player's Handbook¸ and the Sláine RPG. This adventure is intended for use as the first of a four-part epic campaign, though it can easily be adapted to stand alone - either by the Games Master inventing his own continuation of it, or tying up the loose ends by having the Player Characters return the last of the Teeth to Osdann and sending them on a different mission for their King.

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