MedFront - War in North Africa 1940-43

By: Columbia Games

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Product Line: EuroFront

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MedFront - War in North Africa 1940-43
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Boxed Game
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12 Years and Up
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2 Players
Game Length
180 Minutes


In 1936 the first skirmish in the looming world war between fascism and democracy broke out in Spain. After three years of bitter civil war, General Franco's rebellion, with German and Italian aid, finally subdued the Republican government forces.

Franco's success emboldened Hitler to risk a greater war. Just months after the Spanish Civil War ended, Germany invaded Poland. Nine months later, the conflict expanded into the Mediterranean when Italy joined the Axis and invaded Egypt from Libya, only to be humiliated by British armor.

Germany came to her ally's aid, sending Rommel and a panzer corps to Africa. The arrival of the Afrika Korps heralded a two year desert campaign marked by mobility, abrupt reversals of fortune, chaotic supply, and outstanding generalship on both sides.

The British 8th Army, led by Montgomery, eventually triumphed at El Alamein in October 1942. One month later, the "Torch" invasion of Morocco and Algeria by American and British forces checkmated Axis ambitions in Africa.

MedFront includes The Spanish Civil War andf The Desert. Either game may be played alone or with WestFront. WestFront is required to play Torch. WestFront Rules are included in MedFront.

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