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Armies of the Imperium - Space Marine & Imperial Guard Expansion

By: Games Workshop

Type: Box Set

Product Line: Epic 40,000 - Core & Assorted

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Armies of the Imperium - Space Marine & Imperial Guard Expansion
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Box Set


Armies of the Imperium added new/additional rules for Space Marines and Imperial Guards for play in the epic-scale Space Marine game. The set contains rules and a set of Imperial and Space Marine epic army cards for the following troops and fighting machines:

Space Marines, Space Marine Veterans, Scouts, Librarians, Chaplains, Medics, Tech-Marines, Terminators, daemon-hunting Grey Knights, Space Marine Dreadnoughts, Imperial Guard, Beastmen, Ogryns, Rough Riders, Ratling Snipers, Commisars, Imperial Bikes, Sentinals, Land Speeders, and Robots.

Also included are detailed rules and cards for selected Space Marine Chapters, including:
The Space Wolves - Wolf Guards, Blood Claws, Grey Hunters, Long Fangs, and the Dark Angels - Deathwing and Ravenwings.

Rules and Cards for Tanks and Vehicles, including:
Land Raiders, Rhino troop carrier, Whirlwind Missle Carrier, Vindicator heavy support tank, Dragon fire thrower, Gorgon close assault vehicle, Leman Russ and Predator Battle Tanks, Shadow Sword, Baneblade, and Storm Hammer super-heavy battle tanks.

Rules and Cards for:
Tacticle Missles, Manticore Rocket Launcher, Bombard mobile siege mortar, Basilisk Self-Propelled artillery, Rapier Laser Destroyer, Thudd Gun, Mole Mortar, Tarantula automated weapon system.

Plus Cards and rules for:
Capitol Imperialis, Behemoth, Hellbore, Mole and Termite subterranean attack machines, Assualt, Deathwind and Support Drop Pods, Space Marine Gunships, and Drop Ships.

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