Big Rubble

By: Chaosium

Type: Box Set

Product Line: RuneQuest (Chaosium)

Last Stocked on 1/23/2022

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Big Rubble
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Box Set


The BIG RUBBLE is the perfect hunting ground for both prospective and veteran adventurers. From the relative safety of the frontier town of New Pavis, expolration parties may venture forth into the Rubble to once again tap the treasures and magics buried in its ruins. They will be aided and hindered by the guards and bureacrats of the Lunar Empire.

The Big Rubble is a vast area enclosed by giant-built walls of solid stone. Once it was the site of Robcradle, an ancient Jrusteli city, and then it held the magnificent capital of the hero Pavis. Only thousands of acres of ruin and destruction now remain, full of robbers, outcasts, and inhuman monsters.

Set includes Big Rubble Players' Guide, Big Rubble Guide for the Gamemaster, Episode Book, and a 11" by 17" map of the Rubble.

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