Master Atlas (2nd Edition)

By: I.C.E. (Iron Crown Enterprises)

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Shadow World (I.C.E.)

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Master Atlas (2nd Edition)
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…A planet hangs in the gateway between two worlds, a focus of strange powers and portals to alien places. Ancient technology clashes with sorcerers of the present while the Dragonlords walk as men. Against them rises the Unlife, a force whose dark servants desire the destruction of all that lives…

The Shadow World Master Atlas is your guide to a unique and exciting fantasy world. This is Kulthea, a planet tortured by forces natural and unnatural. Loremasters tell of ancient, mighty empires, but the only remnants of their dominion are the tumbled ruins that dot the landscape—and rare magical artifacts from the past.

Kulthea is so plagued by powerful Flows of Essence: unseen auras that play havoc with the very fabric of space and time. The Flows can open enchanted Portals, sweeping the unwary to other places—to even the terrifying Void. The Navigators ply these magical gales, maintaining fragile links between civilizations. But between these islands lie vast lands filled with unknown dangers. And even the Navigators cannot master the Flows.
The Shadow World is further detailed in many sourcebooks and adventures.

The Shadow World Master Atlas contains:
· Information on races and creatures inhabiting the world.
· Demons and artificial beings.
· Complete Rolemaster Statistics.
· Huge 3’ x 4’ Color Map.
· Supplemental spell lists.
· Personalities: background & statistics.
· Pantheons of gods & their followers.

And in this Second Edition:
· 80 pages of additional material.
· New interior art and layout.
· Notes on the continents of Emer and Jaiman.
· An updated, expanded timeline.
· Detailed index.
· Evil gods and malevolent cults.

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