Alchemy Companion

By: I.C.E. (Iron Crown Enterprises)

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Rolemaster (2nd Edition)

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Alchemy Companion
Tim Taylor
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Alchemy Companion consolidates and supplements Rolemaster's classic system for creating magic items. Alchemy Companion gives gamemasters many new enhancements for the Alchemists in their campaign, while it gives players new options for the manipulation of magic. There's something for everyone interested in objects of power and for those who fabricate them. Prepare to expand your horizons with the Alchemy Companion!

Within this Grimoire you'll find:
• Complete rules which-make Alchemy a vibrant part of your campaign.
• New methods, options, and procedures devoted to creation of magic items.
• Detailed information on how to craft your own unique, individual Alchemy system. Simulate everything from authentic Medieval practices to high-powered magical environments.
• Dozens of new skills, Static Action Tables, Critical Strikes, and Item Creation Charts all relating to Alchemy. Includes a Magical Item Interaction Critical Strikes Table for resolving simultaneous multiple item usage.
• More than fifteen new professions illustrating the rich varieties of Alchemists within differ- ent cultures; from Grand Viziers and Thaumaturges to Evil Alchemists and Charlatans—they're all here!.
• Plus, over 70 new spell lists containing more than 1500 spells, all dealing with the High Art of Alchemy!

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