Book of Tables

By: Avalon Hill

Type: Box Set

Product Line: Powers & Perils (Avalon Hill)

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Book of Tables
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Whether you are opposing the march of Chaos, or standing strong against hordes of deadly adversaries, the Powers & Perils Book of Tables will ease your path to victory.

This supplement to the Powers & Perils fantasy role-playing system is designed to streamline your campaign and increase your ability to manage the infinite subtleties inherent in Powers & Perils.

It contains a 48-page book, 3 Reference Screens and a pad of Adventure Record Sheets. The book presents the major tables from Powers & Perils, errata that pertains to these books and new tables that will help you in play. It is designed to ease the task of any Referee.

The screens contained within highlight the Combat, Magic and Encounter tables. One screen is dedicated to each of these important areas.

The Adventure Record Sheets are used as a supplement to the Powers & Perils Character Record Sheet. Wizards, warriors and other characters can easily use them to keep track of their character during play and avoid much of the necessity to make calculations while the game is in progress.

All told, the Book of Tables is a powerful supplement that brings order to the Powers & Perils system.

It is a must buy for serious fantasy gamers who have chosen Powers & Perils as their route to infinite adventure

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