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Dungeons & Dragons - Basic Set (2nd Printing, Lizard Logo)


Type: Box Set

Product Line: Basic Dungeons & Dragons (Original Edition) - Box Sets & Core Rules

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Last Stocked on 3/17/2024

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Dungeons & Dragons - Basic Set (2nd Printing, Lizard Logo)
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Box Set


Includes Basic Rulebook, Monster & Treasure Set #1 (2nd Printing) and Dungeon Geomorphs Set #1 (2nd Printing).

You are holding a fantastic world of swords & sorcery adventures in your hands! In Dungeons & Dragons you become a mighty wizard, a fearless hero, a stout dwarf, a clever halfling or any one of a dozen other adventurers ready to explore the mazes and labyrinths of a vast and deep dungeon, or perhaps, a trek through uncharted wilderness in search of the fabulous treasures and magic which are hidden there. But this wealth is not easily gained, for terrible guardians lurk nearby. Monsters such as orcs, ogres, trolls, giants, dragons and even worse must be defeated in order to gain their hoarded treasure.

Dungeons & Dragons is the original game of fantasy roleplaying. It is a truly unique experience. Each participant assumes a game persona who goes from adventure to adventure, growing more powerful and capable with each successful expedition. Unlike any other game you have ever played before, Dungeons & Dragons will allow you to completely unleash your imagination and creativity while still posing interesting game situations and endless challenges. Come and visit our world!

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