Balkan Storm

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Balkan Storm
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A saber-rattling military leader has replaced the moderate populist, Boris Yeltsyn, in the Kremlin. After years of benign neglect, the Red Army and Red Air Force are resurgent and restive.

Ukraine, Moldavia, Belorus, and Poland jointly declare their unending neutrality and independence from Moscow. German leaders publically despair over the lack of available industrial development space in their reunited country. The Czech Republic signs a non-aggression pact with Hungary.

As Russian troops march into Moldavia, the Serbian Army attacks the outnumbered United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Sarajevo. The American President dispatches 25,000 troops, F-117-K Stealth Fighters deploy to Italy, the Royal Navy enters the Baltic to uphold that most sacred of icons, British Interests.

The weather vanes of World military balance are all pointing toward the coming Balkan Storm.

Players assume the roles of leaders of military-political coalitions:

The West, led by the US/UK seeks the status quo, discussion, and peace.

The Aggressor Powers, led by one of a number of discontented rump-states from among the residue of once-powerful empires, seek change, confrontation on the field of arms, and a piece of the action.

As the game unfolds, each side pays court to the many various neutral states in order to gather position and power. No two coalitions - West or Aggressor - will ever play out exactly the same.

In the end, it comes down to a test of political maneuver and military will on the field of battle.

Can you avoid the mistakes of Tzars and Emperors and Presidents?

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