Russian Roulette - The Breakup of the Soviet Union

By: Leading Edge Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Phoenix Command

Last Stocked on 10/8/2020

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Russian Roulette - The Breakup of the Soviet Union
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From the Baltic Republics to the Black Sea to the barricades in Moscow, Russian Roulette takes players to the scenes of the critical military events that led to the vast changes underway in the Soviet Union. Six historical and hypothetical battles are presented in this Scenario Pack, including:

Soviet Intervention in Baku: When ethnic strife between Armenians and Azerbaijanis went out of control in early 1990, Soviet troops were called in to bring order to Baku, Azerbaijan's capital. This Scenario is a night street battle between Soviets and a crowd of well-armed Demonstrators.

Crackdown in Latvia: In January of 1991, the Soviets sent troops into seven different Republics in an attempt to end nationalist movements. In this Scenario, Soviet Special Forces fight Latvian police for control of the Interior Ministry building, in a battle that was televised internationally.

Other Scenarios cover Black Berets in Lithuania, Vigilantes in Azerbaijan, and Ethnic Strife in Georgia. There is even a Scenario for what might have happened if the Soviet military had tried to kill Boris Yeltsin during August's failed Coup. Each Scenario includes a detailed Map, special rules, and full data for all the combatants. Also included is background material for each of the Scenarios, plus an overview of the Soviet military and security forces.

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