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Arduin Dungeon #4 - Death Heart (2nd Printing)

By: Emperor's Choice

Type: Module

Product Line: Arduin (Emperor's Choice)

Last Stocked on 2/13/2009

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Arduin Dungeon #4 - Death Heart (2nd Printing)
David Hargrave
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What turns a verdant green garden into lands black as death? Where once pristine lakes and silver spire towers sparkled in bright sunlight, now lies pitch and rubble, swallowed by the inky depths of a bleak waters. Deep, heaving sighs are heard throughout the trees as the tainted land murmurs a haunting pulse. Four entrances lead down into a hidden maze below the ruins. Above each portal, an enigmatic quote bellows a silent challenge to the world; its staunch call remains unanswered. Treasures and mysteries lie bound and locked within its dark realms. Dare you seek the mysteries of Death Heart? Death Heart is the fourth in a series of adventure modules based on the best selling Arduin Trilogy. Difficulty level is mutable for any character level or number of players. It contains overland maps with area descriptions and encounter charts, three dungeon levels with maps and room descriptions, eight pocket sized magic artifact cards and eight illustrated monster cards with statistics. While designed for use with the Arduin game system, Death Heart is usable with any d20 or other FRP system.

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