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Catacombs of Terror

Condition: VG+/NM
Condition Note: cards sealed
Our Price: $550.00

Catacombs of Terror
Category: Board Games
Product Line: Warhammer Quest
Publish Year: 1995
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148746132
Mfg. part #: GAW0003-90
Type: Boxed Game

Catacombs of Terror


In the sun scorched wastes of the Land of the Dead, the Dread King waits within the darkness of his pyramid tomb. Gunther Laranscheld, evil Necromancer, seeks to restore the Dread King to power, and only the heroic Warriors can stop him. If they succeed, they will return with the treasures of this long dead realm. If they fail, they will surely die...

This Warhammer Quest Adventure Pack contains six new adventures for use with the floor plans in this pack; lots of new tables for Undead Monsters, hazards, events and treasure; plus an exciting pre-written adventure for Warriors of battle-level 5-7.


  • Rulebook
    1 Dungeon Room Card - Hall of Death
    1 Objective Room Card - Dread King's Throne Room
    2 Passage Cards - Chasm of Despair, Flames of Khazla
    18 Event Cards:
       • 1 Carrion
       • 1d3 Tomb Guardians
       • 1d6+3 Skeletons x2
       • 1d6 Skeleton Spearmen
       • 1d6 Skeleton Spearmen & 1d6 Skeleton Archers
       • 1d6+3 Zombies
       • 1 Tomb Guardian
       • 2d6 Ghouls
       • Curse of the Dread King
       • Death Curse
       • Dwarf Ghost
       • Gunther Laranscheld - Evil Necromancer
       • Horror in the Darkness
       • Luthor Laranshceld's Hunchback Servant
       • Spectral Attack
       • Vampire Bats
       • Van Damneg - The Dread King
    3 Special Cards:
       • Grimoire Necris
       • Necromantic Magic
       • Undead Minions
    11 Treasure Cards:
       • Amulet of Charadris
       • Axe of Khemri
       • Chalice of Vigour
       • Helm of Alcadizzar
       • Orb of Sigmar
       • Sceptre of Zandri
       • Silver Stone
       • Stone Icon of Ghamaluk
       • Talisman of Alcadizzar
       • The Blessed Gem
       • The Kingshield of Tilea
    1 Dungeon Room Floor Piece - Hall of Death
    1 Objective Room Floor Piece - Dread King's Throne Room
    2 Passage Room Floor Pieces - Chasm of Despair, Flames of Khazla
    6 Catacomb Counters:
       • 1 x3
       • 2
       • 3
       • Flaming Skull
    7 Miniatures:
       • Dread King on his Throne
       • Gunther Laranscheld
       • Luthor the Hunchback
       • The Grimoire Necris
       • 3 Tomb Guardians
    2 Plastic Doorways