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Aliens & Deviltry

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Aliens & Deviltry
Product Line: Fading Suns (d20)
Author: James Estis, Rustin Quaide
Publish Year: 2002
Pages: 184
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.33"
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NKG part #: 2148862385
Mfg. part #: HDIFS251
Type: Softcover


Aliens & Deviltry re-presents two classic Fading Suns sourcebooks, each with d20 System rules.

One of the earliest sentient races humanity discovered was the Ur-Obun — peaceful and wise philosophers. Soon after, humanity met their cousins, the Ur-Ukar — vicious and cruel warriors, with a starfaring empire of their own. Humanity has played the two against each other ever since. These two races were gifted by the gods — the ancient Anunnaki jumpgate builders — with unique technology. Xenologists now scour their homes and myths for clues to the riddles of the ancients. But some wonder: How long will the gods permit such transgressions against their children?

The Anunnaki left behind many strange devices and their ancient secrets lie buried on many worlds —secrets which can bring salvation… or destruction. But they and their works are not the only mysteries, for strange entities lurk in the void, tempting human and alien alike to enact their schemes against the civilized order. Monsters of science and superstition harass and haunt the Known Worlds, from devastating war golems to ghosts of the wartime dead. A number of sentients walk in the shadows of consciousness: enigmatic psychics, heretical Sathraists and demon-worshipping Antinomists. The Dark Between the Stars details many of the entities and forces involved in the supernatural universe of the Fading Suns.