War Game - 1800 to 1900 A.D.

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Mr. Madison's War - The Incredible War of 1812

By: GMT Games

Stock #: GMT1216

Product Line: Card-Driven Games

(cards sealed)
(unpunched, cards sealed)

Raid on Richmond

By: 3W

Stock #: EXC3731

Product Line: War Games - Boxed - American Civil War (3W)

Tide at Sunrise, The - The Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905

By: Multi-Man Publishing

Stock #: MMPTAS40

Product Line: International Games Series


Zulus on the Ramparts! - The Battle of Rorke's Drift (1st Edition)

By: Victory Point Games

Product Line: States of Siege - Ziplock Games

#138 w/Wissembourg and Spicheren 1870

By: Cerigo Editions

Stock #: VAJ138

Product Line: Vae Victis Magazine w/Games #122 - Present (Cerigo Editions, French)

MSRP $27.95

(includes English rules)

#149 w/The Franco-Prussian War


Product Line: Strategy & Tactics #101 - #150


#224 w/The Sedan Campaign, 1870

By: Decision Games

Stock #: DCGST-224

Product Line: Strategy & Tactics #201 - #250


#46 w/The End of Empire


Product Line: Command Magazine

MSRP $34.95

(counters clipped)

#95 w/Soldiers of the Queen


Product Line: Strategy & Tactics #051 - #100

(rules loose, unpunched)

1871 - Fast Play Grand Tactical Rules for the Franco-Prussian War

By: Mediaeval Miscellanea

Stock #: COA1871

Product Line: War Games - Assorted (Clash of Arms Games)

MSRP $37.95

Battle of the Old Northwest Vol. III - A Dark & Dastardly Fight, Tippecanoe 1811

By: High Flying Dice Games

Product Line: War Games w/Mounted Counters

MSRP $32.00

Dawn of Empire - The Spanish-American Naval War in the Atlantic, 1898

By: Compass Games

Stock #: CPS1108

Product Line: War Games - Assorted (Compass Games)

MSRP $55.00


Death in the Dark Continent

By: North Star Military Figures

Stock #: NORBP1569

Product Line: Historical Miniature Rules (North Star Military Figures)

MSRP $41.95

Emperor Returns, The

By: Clash of Arms Games

Stock #: COA0986-13

Product Line: War Games - Napoleonic (Clash of Arms Games)

(counters clipped)
(8" tear in SW, still firmly in place)

Flying Colors - Fleet Actions in the Age of Sail (2nd Printing)

By: GMT Games

Stock #: GMT0506-10

Product Line: Flying Colors

MSRP $60.00


Franco-Prussian War, The (Plastic Flat Tray)


Stock #: SPIFP-PFT

Product Line: War Games - 1500 to 1900 - Flat Trays (SPI)

(tray worn)
(unpunched, tray worn)

Fury on Champlain

By: 3W

Stock #: EXC3797

Product Line: War Games - Boxed - Assorted (3W)

MSRP $35.95


Great War at Sea #1 - The Mediterranean (1st Edition)

By: Avalanche Press

Stock #: APL004

Product Line: Great War at Sea

MSRP $44.99

(rules notated)

Imperial Bayonets - We Were Not Cowards, Sedan 1970

By: Conflict Simulations LLC

Product Line: War Games (Conflict Simulations)

MSRP $69.99

Last Stand, The - Little Bighorn June 25th 1876

By: White Dog Games

Product Line: War Games (White Dog Games)

MSRP $57.00

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