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German Zimmerit Coating Sheet for Tiger I (Mid to Late Production)

By: Tamiya Corporation

Stock #: TAM12647

Product Line: Model Accessories - 1/35 Scale

MSRP $12.50

Roman Chariot

By: Glencoe Models

Stock #: GLM05405

Product Line: Historical Model Kits (1:48) (Glencoe Models)

MSRP $19.98

Walls And Ruins II

By: Italeri

Stock #: ITA6090

Product Line: Soldiers - WWII (1:72) (Italeri)

MSRP $15.50

BA-10 Heavy Armored Car

By: Rubicon Models

Stock #: RUM280085

Product Line: World War II - Soviet (28mm)

MSRP $29.00

Black Pearl

By: Fascinations

Stock #: MMS012

Product Line: Vehicle Models (Fascinations)

Boeing B17G Flying Fortress

By: Airfix

Stock #: AFXA08017B

Product Line: Military Aircraft Model Kits (1:72) (Airfix)

MSRP $52.99

BT-5 Fast Tank

By: Minairons Miniatures

Stock #: M20GEV012

Product Line: Spanish Civil War - Vehicles (1:72)

MSRP $25.95

Centurion Mk.V/I RAAC Tank - Vietnam Version

By: AFV Club

Stock #: AFV35100

Product Line: Military Model Kits (1/35 Scale) (AFV Club)

MSRP $53.99

F-15 Eagle

By: Fascinations

Stock #: MMS082

Product Line: Aviation Models (Fascinations)

French Submarine Surcouf (Interwar Period) (WWII)

By: Hobby Boss

Stock #: HBB83522

Product Line: Model Kits - Ship (1:350) (Hobby Boss)

MSRP $31.99

German 80cm K(E) Railway Gun "Dora"

By: Hobby Boss

Stock #: HBB82911

Product Line: Military Model Kits (1:72) (Hobby Boss)

MSRP $299.99

Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat 1945

By: DeAgostini

Stock #: DAWF13

Product Line: Aircraft (DeAgostini)

MSRP $24.95

HMS Vengeance - 1945

By: IHP - Imperial Hobby Productions

Stock #: IHP7005

Product Line: 1/700 Scale Ship Kits (IHP)

MSRP $64.95

M3 Half-Track

By: Airfix

Stock #: AFXA02318V

Product Line: Vintage Classics (1:76) (Airfix)

MSRP $15.99

M4 Sherman Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension T-80 Track (Workable Conversion Kit)

By: AFV Club

Stock #: AFV35032

Product Line: Military Model Kits (1/35 Scale) (AFV Club)

MSRP $21.99

Recent Arrival

Russian T-62A Tank

MSRP $27.00
VG/NM $20.00

Russian T-62A Tank

By: Tamiya Corporation

Stock #: TAM35108

Product Line: Military Models - 1/35 Scale

MSRP $27.00

(components sealed)

Soviet LK Moon Lander

By: Fantastic Plastic

Product Line: Model Kits (1:48) (Fantastic Plastic)

T-34 550mm Workable Stamped Track Links

By: AFV Club

Stock #: AFV35142

Product Line: Military Model Kits (1/35 Scale) (AFV Club)

MSRP $26.99