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Mayfair Games

Mayfair Games is a U.S. based Illinois company, incorporated in 1981 and is an international publisher of board games and card games suitable for families and hobbyists. Mayfair Games has over 100 game titles in print including many long-running series of games such as Empire Builder and The Settlers of Catan as well as many long-running standalone titles such as Alibi and Family Business. Mayfair Games, making the “games of our generation”. Mayfair Games believes that these are games are everyone and publishes games to suit all styles of play and levels of game experience. Whatever your taste in games, Mayfair has several titles that should appeal to you. Less experienced gamers or those who prefer their games on the lighter side will enjoy Catan: Junior, Whitewater™ and Alibi. Those who prefer games with a moderate amount of complexity will find the perfect blend in Empire Builder, Nuns on the Run and The Settlers of Catan. And finally, for those who only want to play the most challenging titles, Mayfair publishes games such as Automobile, Steam, Giza: The Great Pyramid™ and World Without End. Mayfair Games is a leader in the hobby game industry, promoting the growth and popularity of “Euro-Style” games into the English-speaking market, transportation games and educational games.

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