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Inner Worlds

Inner Worlds
by TSR
Product Line: Buck Rogers
Author: William Tracy
Publish Year: 1991
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.15"
Restockable: No
Type: Module


Mercury and Venus : The two innermost planets in the solar system. Their names evoke a romanticism of an earlier era, of the speed and beauty of gods. However, in reality there is little to romanticize about.

Mercury : Perhaps the place-names based on musicians, writers, artists, and intellectuals were chosen to reflect the culture which has grown to prominence on this sun-ravaged planet. The rift between the decadence of the Sun Kings (especially the Gavilans) and the Spartanism of the Miners is great and widening daily.

Venus : The loveliness evoked by the place-names found on Venus stands in stark contrast to the harshness of reality. A world like Earth in type only, the planet is enveloped in a highly acidic atmosphere. Bizarre mineral-plant jungles cover the lowlands. Civilization
is found only on the high mesas of Ishtar and Aphrodite.

In Inner Worlds, you will find information on all this and more. Details about the economies of both worlds, their peoples, their relationships with RAM and NEO and the delicate balances of power caused by those relationships are all within these pages. Background on the physical geography and native races is also here. In addition, you will find a full-color map of both planets, providing excellent reference for all pertinent planetary information.