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MIG Alley - Sabres vs. MIGs Over Korea

MIG Alley - Sabres vs. MIGs Over Korea
Author: Warren Thompson, David McLaren
Publish Date: 2002
Pages: 190
Dimensions: 10.25x10.25x.8"
Restockable: No
Type: Hardcover


MiGs Vs. Sabres Over Korea relates the intense air battles fought by F-86 Sabres and MiG-15s over North Korea's infamous "MiG Alley" during the Korean War. Included are in-depth interviews with F-86 pilots that explain tactics and details of encounters and kills against MiG pilots - most of whom were from the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries. Coverage of the fighter-bomber version of the Sabre that was operational during the final months of the war is included. An outstanding feature of this book is that it provides a day-by-day running account of MiG versus Sabre air battles and a detailed record of the fate of each and every Sabre Jet that served in Korea.