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Pirates of the Spanish Main Pack (Unlimited Edition)

Pirates of the Spanish Main Pack (Unlimited Edition)
by WizKids
Category: Magic & CCG's
Publish Date: 2004
Restockable: No
Type: CCG (Pack)


Packaged like a collectible card game, the styrene cards can be punched apart to construct highly detailed 3-D sailing ships. In this fun, fast-paced game, players navigate stealthy pirate ships, majestic Spanish galleons, and speedy British schooners through the treacherous waters of the Spanish Main collecting as much gold as possible while fending off enemy attacks.

Each affordably priced pack contains everything one player needs to get their high seas high jinks started including two complete ships, treasure, rules, an island card and a die. There are 68 different ships to collect and construct in addition to 54 different treasure and crew cards. The fleet building and treasure plundering strategies are endless!

2 sailing ships
1 treasure or crew card
1 cardboard island card
1 rules sheet
1 die