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Total Annihilation

Total Annihilation
Product Note: PC CD-Rom
Author: Chris Taylor
Publish Date: 1998
Restockable: No
Type: Software (boxed)


Prepare yourself for the next generation of real-time strategy gaming. Total Annihilation's technological and graphic advancements, including true 3D terrain and real-time 3D rendered units and buildings, make it the most challenging and visually stunning real-time combat game around. Large, diverse maps transport players across radically different landscapes of ice, lava, forest and more. Mega-maps as large as 64 Mb, thousands of screens wide, promise hours -- even days -- of battle. With true 3D weapon trajectories, holding "high ground" isn't just a saying, it's survival. Players can lob artillery shells over hillsides, while long-range "Big Bertha" cannons bombard the enemy from halfway across the world.

Special Features

  • 50 single player missions
  • over 150 different run-time generated 3D units including a full complement of land, air, and sea units
  • extensive multiplayer and internet support
  • download new units, maps, and missions; unique tracking feature allows you to follow units into battle
  • allied teams can share resources, units and information
  • fully customizable line-of-sight modes and user interface