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Wave #12 - Warriors of Eberron

Wave #12 - Warriors of Eberron
Category: Board Games
Publish Date: 2010
Restockable: No
Type: Boxed Game


Veterans of the Last War come to Heroscape! The hordes of evil must be stopped. Goblins, ogres, mindflayers, and fire giants! The warriors of Khovaire are summoned to the greatest battle of all time. Will the Warriors of Eberron be enough to stem the tide? Iconic characters and monsters from the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons joins forces with the ultimate build-and-battle miniatures game to bring new dimensions of fun for everyone! Each booster contains 5 non-random, pre-painted plastic figures, 6 Heroscape stat cards, and a new treasure token.

Warriors of Eberron is a standard expansion set containing all 4 packs. 3 packs contain Common/Uncommon figures, and 1 pack contains Unique figures. All 4 packs contain a brand new Treasure Glyph for use on your battlefields.

Pack 1: Golem and Wyrmlings
   •Includes one Uncommon Iron Golem, 4 Common Wyrmlings, and a Treasure Glyph.
Pack 2: Veterans of the Last War
   •Includes one Uncommon Werewolf Lord, 3 Lycanthrope Markers, one Uncommon Mind Flayer Mastermind, one Common Squad of 3 Warforged Soldiers, and one Treasure Glyph
Pack 3: Ogre and Goblins
   •Includes one Uncommon Ogre Warhulk, one squad of 4 Goblin Cutters, and one Treasure Glyph.
Pack 4: Heroes of Khorvaire
Includes 5 Unique Heroes: a Warforged Wizard, a Human Shadow Assassin, a Dragonborn Paladin, a Hobgoblin Sorcerer, and a Fire Giant as well as 2 Shadow tiles and one Treasure Glyph.