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Asheron's Call - Dark Majesty

Asheron's Call - Dark Majesty
Product Note: PC CD-Rom
Publish Date: 2001
Restockable: No
Type: Software (boxed)


An expansion to Asheron's Call adding a new island called Marae Lassel that will have areas for all levels of characters. Player housing and personal storage will be introduced, with about one thousand pre-built houses per game world. Four new, major monsters types will be introduced.

Special Features

Enter under Asheron's protection to prevent other players' attacks. Or visit the world of Darktide and test your skills against other adventurers; mountain glaciers, swamps, deep dungeons, desert wastelands, smoldering volcanic ruins, and more make up a vast landscape for you to explore; the allegiance system encourages experienced adventurers to gain strength by guiding and battling beside new arrivals; the continuously growing storyline expands as you journey forward. Each month can bring new monsters, quests, and comrades to this living world; journey across mountains and deserts without a loading screen. Visit marae lassel, where experiments have warped the land and its creatures.