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M10 3"

M10 3"
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The M-10 is a new addition to Soviet forces in Hammer and Sickle. This American tank destroyer was shipped to the Soviets and issued to 29th Tank Corps where it’s 3in gun proved very effective.

On 22 March, the 1223rd and 1239th Separate Tank Battalions were reorganized into the 1223rd and 1239th SU Regiments as part of the Stavka Reserve.

They were the only two regiments equipped with American M10 3in self-propelled guns. The total amount of M10s supply during the Lend Lease program were only 52, all shipped in 1944.

The 29th Tank Corps’ 1223rd SU Regiment was formed in March 1944 and equipped with Lend Lease M-10s (listed in some sources as SU-76s, which technically they are being a self-propelled 76mm/3in gun). It took part in Operation Bagration followed by the liberation of Vilnius, Lithuania on 13 July 1944.

During this time the 1223rd SU Regiment was commanded by Mayor Vladimir Vasil’evich Kaidash. By October they had liberated Palanga under a new commander, Mayor Aleksei Sergeevich Shchevaev. They fought through Poland and East Prussia with the 29th Tank Corps into 1945.

The 16th Tank Corps’ 1239th SU Regiment was formed and equipped at the same time.

It first went into action in July 1944. On 25 July the Corps liberated Demblem in Poland and earned the honorific title “Demblinskikh”. By the end the month they were at the gates of Warsaw, before being put in reserve once again. On 21 November the Corps became the 12th Guards Tank Corps and a month later the 1239th SU Regiment became the 393rd Guards SU Regiment.

In Flames Of War

The M10 has the excellent 3-inch gun and the added advantage of a turret. It can be found in the Tank Killer Company on page 36 of Hammer and Sickle.

The M-10 is Fully-tracked, Armor Front 4, Side 2 and Top 0 and is armed with a .50 cal AA MG and a M7 3in gun. Its turret is hand cranked giving it the Slow traverse rule. The excelled M7 3in gun has a Range of 32”/80cm, ROF 2, Anti-tank 12 and Firepower 3+.