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Evolutionary War - Miniature Gaming an Age in which War had Rules

Evolutionary War - Miniature Gaming an Age in which War had Rules
Author: T.R.W. Kubik
Publish Year: 2006
Pages: 52
Dimensions: 8x12x.25"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


Evolutionary War offers historical miniatures battles that open with sweeping Grand Tactical Maneuvers, and then shift to an innovative command and initiative system where enemy units compete against their Morale Grade to complete the Tactical Evolutions expected of them during the course of an hour, rather than against whoever rolls the higher die. There are no markers or other battlefield clutter, the basing system lets the figures do the work! Assuming the units perform like clockwork as expected, Evolutionary War offers miniatures rules for an age in which war had rules. The challenge is in planning battles that takes advantage of those rules, the rewards come in historical miniatures battles that suit an age in which “taste” governed everything.

Period: Players can span the globe from Europe to the Americas or India; as far back in time as the First Silesian War in 1740 and up to the early battles of the French Revolution before 1794.

Scale: The principal unit of the age was the infantry or cavalry regiment—militarily and socially—so the game is organized around this scale, with regiments as the basic playing pieces. This also allows players to campaign as the Chefs of particular regiments, without the huge expenditures necessary for battalion level games!