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Condottiere (3rd Edition)

Condottiere (3rd Edition)
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Condottiere (3rd Edition)
Category: Board Games
Product Line: Silver Line
Author: Dominique Ehrhard
Publish Date: 2007
Restockable: Yes
Type: Boxed Game


During the Renaissance, Italy was divided into numerous independent city-states, sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile. The best known of these were Genoa, Florence, the Duchy of Milan, and the Republics of Venice.

This is the era in which the Condottieri appear: leaders of mercenary armies who offered their services to the most powerful cities. Formidable strategists and highly skilled soldiers, the Condottieri were not content to just hire out their command and their troops; they reshaped the political map of Italy with their intrigues, alliances, battles, and sieges. The most daring among them founded new dynasties: Francesco Sforza took possession of the Duchy of Milan, and Giovanni de Medici made Florence his kingdom.

In CONDOTTIERE, you relive this incredible age, when anything seemed possible for a handful of determined men. In this game, you represent a Condottiere trying to conquer the most famous cities in Italy. But be careful, you are not alone! You must take into account the ambitions of the other Condottieri. The strength of your army alone will not suffice: You must use diplomacy if you want a chance at victory.

This new edition of CONDOTTIERE features updated components and gameplay, with streamlined and clarified rules.

In order to sleeve your cards for this game, you would need 3 packs of FFGFFS03 - Standard American Board Game Size Sleeves.