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Fixer/Pointman Class Guide

Fixer/Pointman Class Guide
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Fixer/Pointman Class Guide
by AEG
Product Line: Spycraft 1.0 (d20)
Author: Scott Gearin
Publish Date: 2003
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.35"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148418424
Mfg. part #: AEG1805
Type: Softcover

Fixer/Pointman Class Guide


This 128-page mechanics expansion for the Spycraft RPG contains all the rules needed to create the ultimate fixer or point man. With exhaustive coverage of modern trade craft and mission resources, this book's a 'must have' for any serious secret agent.

This is the Spycraft Mission Guide! Everything an agent needs to successfully plan, orchestrate, and execute the perfect mission, from team selection to mission prep to covering your tracks and tackling problems in the field. Expanded inspiration and favor checks included.


Trade craft Rules!

12 new Prestige Classes! Play a sneaky saboteur, an outlaw good fella, a cagey smuggler, a no-nonsense cleaner, and more!

New Backgrounds!

New Departments! Four new departments and two new macro-departments, allowing players to design agents with organized crime and Special Forces training.

Expanded Departments! Notes for designing fixers and point men from any of the first eight departments. New skill uses, including expanded rules for building, using, and disarming explosives, plus concocting and using lethal poisons!

Expanded skill cooperation rules and many new skill synergies!

New feats, greatly expanding the covert tree!

New bundles plus gear options!

New gadgets designed just for fixers and point men (but useful to an agent of any class)!