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NEO in the 25th Century

NEO in the 25th Century
by TSR
Product Line: Buck Rogers
Author: Troy Denning
Publish Date: 1990
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.15"
Restockable: No
Type: Module


There's something rotten in Coprates. A professor from Mars University hires your band of shady vagabonds to search Jupiter's moons for alien artifacts. Strange, though -- that isn't the sort of job RAM subcontracts. Is the professor pursuing a proscribed area of inquiry? Or is he just a crackpot who can't engage a reputable salvage company.

It's a moot point, since after a "chance" encounter with a sultry Terran known as Matahari, they'll be too busy to get anywhere near Jupiter. A murderous computer program named Rutgar.dos will sabotage their ship. A confederation of savage pirates will abduct them. The captivating Ardala Valmar will invite them to be her permanent guests. In fact, just about every government, low-life, and power-broker in the system will be looking for them.

Why? Discovering the answer will take the party from the outer asteroids to the satellites of Mercury. Only quick thinking and skillful use of weapons and equipment will keep the player characters alive!

NEO in the 25th Century is an adventure for the XXVc role-playing game, designed for 3 to 8 player characters of levels 1 through 3. The booklet contains everything you need for play:

  • A large, full-color map detailing a class B asteroid spaceport, an asteroid city, the twelve decks of a 150-ton medium cruiser, and two different space-stations.
  • A six-deck map of the Intrepid Pedagogue, a 40-ton scout cruiser the player characters will use.
  • A solar system display enabling travel to Jupiter's orbit.
  • Eight pregenerated player characters.
  • 64 pages of thrilling adventure!