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Pirates of the Revolution Pack (1st Printing)

Pirates of the Revolution Pack (1st Printing)
by WizKids
Category: Magic & CCG's
Publish Date: 2005
Restockable: No
Type: CCG (Pack)


Pirates of the Revolution introduces the Americans to the Pirates game. But the other nations—Spain, England, France, and Pirates—get a boost to their ranks as well. Americans are a hardy bunch of privateers, so they make an excellent addition to any fleet, or they make a mighty fleet on their own!

But what would the historical American fleet be without historical American personalities and ships? Characters from history mingle with the scurviest dogs ever to sail the seas, including famous Americans like John Paul Jones. And the set includes ships like the 5-masted United States and the 4-masted schooner, the Saratoga.

Pirates of the Revolution also features two new game mechanics: fire and events. On a wooden sailing ship, fire was one of the most feared calamities. You can also "buy" an event as part of the cost of your fleet. Events represent mysterious things like mermaids or a becalmed section of the ocean.

As with previous Pirates releases, each Pirates of the Revolution Game Pack contains everything one person needs to play, including complete rules, a die, a crew or treasure card, an island/terrain card, and two ships or one ship and one fort. Players can expand their collections by purchasing new Game Packs and trading with their friends.

Stay tuned for more Pirates of the Revolution articles and sneak peaks!

2 sailing ships
1 treasure or crew card
1 cardboard island card
1 rules sheet
1 die