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Operation Bifrost

Operation Bifrost
Product Line: Cyborg Commando
Author: Frank Mentzer
Publish Year: 1987
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
Type: Module


In 2024, at a small research base in Virginia, Project Eggshell (the work of Richard Sawtell and Dr. Nakruma Kotusu) produced the first Cyborg Commando unit. After the CC Force was founded, Sawtell left to further his own work. Kotusu pursued his dream of using the hybrid of mechanical body and brain as super-armor for normal soldiers. When the Virginia centre was truned over to him, it was secretly redesigned and named Asgard - the abode of the gods in Scandinavian myth.

During the alien invasion, Asgard was apparently destroyed, and Kotusu lost. But now, six months later, an ultimatum has suddenly been broadcast from the ruins, warning the Xenoborgs to leave the planet - or else. Kotusu is alive, and either he has developed the most powerful weapon ever devised, or he's gone crazy. And the Cyborg Commano characters must break into the depths of their own top-secret complex to find out which…