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MicroGame #12 - Invasion of the Air-Eaters

MicroGame #12 - Invasion of the Air-Eaters
Category: Board Games
Author: Keith Gross
Publish Date: 1979
Dimensions: 4x7x.15"
Restockable: No
Type: Ziplock


It's 1983 and our air is going bad. An Alien generation ship invades earth with fantastic weapons and Air Converters. These survivors from another star are remaking Terra to suit their needs despite "indigenous biological activity". Mankind's back is against the wall - we must win or die gasping. The monster's mothership beams down Crawlers, Production Bases and Atmospheric Converters. Our almost useless armies and sub fleets must be improved through crash research and development. All the world's nations must fight as one to protect industry and resources so new weapons can be produced. We can even learn to "reconvert" the air. INVASION OF THE AIR EATERS is a game of alien invasion for two players. Solitaire play is made possible by adding a pre-planned, alien assault. Multi-player play is also possible with each player controlling a national grouping. Advanced rules introduce oil, repair, nuclear attacks, air forces and other concepts.