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Warlord Novels (AEG)

Warlord Novels (AEG)

AEG proudly brings you the Warlords of the Accordlands roleplaying game! Based on the enormously popular Warlord CCG, this massive four-book collection offers a uniquely expansive setting and over 1,300 pages of unprecedented support material, immersing players into the ultimate fantasy role-playing experience! This ambitious product line provides fantasy players and DMs alike with thousands of new and re-envisioned tools, empowering them like never before. The first book: The Master Codex, presents all the rules needed to play any character or design any challenge in the Warlord setting, all in one easy location. The second book: The World Atlas contains an intimately detailed view of the Accordlands, including sections for every major city, with notes on their histories, economies, principal encounter locations, and more. The third book: Monster and Lairs takes the concept of random encounters to an entirely new level, featur-ing not only traditional descriptions for the many original species living at the fringe of society, but also maps and detailed location listings for forty of their lairs! Finally, the fourth book: The Campaign Adventure Book brings all the material in the first three books to vibrant life, thrusting your characters into a desperate struggle against the vicious Medusan Lords, the Accordlands’ most dangerous enemies! Twenty-five original interlocking adventures may be played independently or as one or more epic campaigns. Dozens of provisions to shift between adventures allow for unlimited customization and replayability! Guide your characters through many of the locations seen in the World Atlas (and more than a few encounters from Monsters and Lairs) before they penetrate the Lords’ front lines and face the setting’s greatest villains! Each of the four books contains two poster-sized maps accompanying many maps and pieces of art to bring your role-playing experience to life. This is not just another d20 product... It’s a roleplaying experience beyond anything you’ve ever played. This is the role-playing experience that you will remember with your friends for the rest of your life. Join the adventure... Live the legend…

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