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Lord of the Rings Limited Edition - Five Istari (32mm)

Lord of the Rings Limited Edition - Five Istari (32mm)

When the shadow of Sauron re-emerged after a thousand years of the Third-age, The Istari or wizards appeared in Middle-earth. Of mysterious origins they are said to have been sent from the far west to counter his growing threat. The order of the Istari was just five in number, Saruman the White, their leader, Gandalf the grey, Radagast the Brown and the blue wizards of the South and East. For the most part they worked secretly against the growing power of the Dark-lord, keeping their powers hidden until the final war. Of the five, the blue wizards went into the east on unknown quests, but Gandalf, Saruman and Radagst remained in the North-west where each played a role in the great struggle against Sauron.

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