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Star Fleet - A Call to Arms - Kzinti Hegemony

Star Fleet - A Call to Arms - Kzinti Hegemony

The Kzintis look like eight-foot tall tigers with a tendency to fly into a battle rage at a moment’s notice. Their empire is smaller than that of the Klingons and (to hear the Kzinti tell it) about half of Kzinti territory was stolen by the Federation when it first declared its borders 68 years before the General War. Relying on drones and disruptors more than phasers, the Kzintis build their ships to fight their most deadly foes – one another! There have been many civil wars, coups, uprisings and internal battles in the Hegemony, although they have also fought wars with both the Klingons and Federation. They were allied to the Federation during the General War but under such heavy attack by the Klingons and their Coalition partners, they were rarely able to send any help to the Federation. It was Star Fleet that had to send entire fleets into Kzinti space, just to keep their allies in the war.

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