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Guild Member Installments

Guild Member Installments

Guild Member Installments were started in the early days of Judges Guild. They were sent to subscribers, who in effect, became "Guild Members". There were a total of 26 installments which were labeled as I through W and 15 through 26. The lettered installments came with rules, maps and other play aids and were some of the earliest incarnations of Judges Guild modules such as: Modron, Tegel Manor, and The Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor, all of which became Judges Guild classics and collector's items. The numbered installments generally came with a module or book. They also included the corresponding Judges Guild Journal. As an example, Installment K was shipped with Journal K. All of these were shipped in a Judges Guild envelope. The installments listed on our site will not include the original mailing envelope unless otherwise noted in the condition note for the individual product.

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