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War for Edadh

War for Edadh

War for Edadh is a game of battle. Cards represent the troops, leaders, standards, terrain and all aspects of the battle - but this isn't a CCG. Cards are also used in the core mechanic of the game which is a unique, tactical system. This mechanic, Conflict Resolution, places the outcome of each fight and battle in your hands - your decisions and choices alone will determine your success or failure. Conflict Resolution simulates a fight. In a fight you pit your skill and experience against your opponent. You read his moves, try to outsmart him and make a winning attack. With Conflict Resolution you do the same. Mastering Conflict Resolution is key to winning War for Edadh. War for Edadh isn't like anything you've played before. It's the alternative tactical game of battle and can be played in a variety of ways from a simple & quick game to a more in-depth contest.

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