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Uncharted Seas, The - Orc Raiders (1:600)

Uncharted Seas, The - Orc Raiders (1:600)

As for the Orcs, well after the Great War of the Old World, the Orc tribes, under the leadership of Slaarg the Mighty, underwent a metamorphosis. They still smell and they still expel gases that can offend at 40 yards, but the ‘New Age Orc’ is a far cry from the drooling psychopath of old. They even mimic their old enemies and some tribes now wear clothes! That said, put in the position of defending itself and the old ways soon reappear. Orcs have undertaken a mercenary role to survive and families of Orcs have established their own lands and civilizations, with almost democratic states forming under the control of Slaarg’s various descendents. Most families will hire their forces out to the highest bidder; others choose not to embrace this way of life. A little more buffed around the edges the Orc race is still warlike and still deadly, but these days it could easily be under the bidding of another race. All except the Dwarfs, that is. These races still hate each other with a passion. There are only TWO things Orcs hate more than Dwarves: washing and Elves... Always itching for a fight, always eager to grab more land Orcs are, without doubt, the most colorful of the races living in The Uncharted Seas.

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