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Mars (d20)

Mars (d20)

Adamant Entertainment's long-awaited roleplaying game of planetary romance! Mars - an ancient, dying, but not yet dead world, a world where a vast canal network reaches from pole to pole, bringing water and life to vast and fantastic cities. A world where albino apes run a vast empire in the last surviving jungle, a world where warrior tribes of Green Martians raid the outlying cities of the canal dwellers, a world where, in places dark and quiet and forgotten beneath the surface, ancient and terrible intellects plan dark and dire deeds. It is a world of sky-corsairs, of duels with blade and blaster, of vile plots, fantastic inventions, daring rescues, arena battles, and spectacular stunts. It is a world where ancient cities can be discovered and their lost treasures plundered, a world where a trek across the dry sea bottoms can yield amazing discoveries, where terrible monsters roam the rocky wastes. It is the Mars of pulp fiction and Saturday morning serials. It is now yours.

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