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Operation - Perfect Blue

Operation - Perfect Blue

It is the year 4029. The Tri-Galaxies are prospering with intergalactic trade. However, the Itosium that powers starships and freighters is nearly exhausted. This very rare and precious mineral is the miracle power source that makes galactic trade possible. The mining corporations who sell it are the most powerful entities in the universe. Unfortunately, large freighters and starcruisers exhaust the supply more quickly than it can be mined. And supplies are running out. That was, until the Triaxy Mining Corporation discovered your planet . . . Under the guise of Tri-Galactic Union diplomats, the Triaxy Mining Corporation cunningly orchestrated a massive coup upon your world’s governments. With promises of wealth and utopian life made possible by joining the Union, Triaxy plied your leaders into slowly giving up control over the planet. But Triaxy didn’t care about your world; only its rich Itosium deposits. Naïve to the value of your planet’s Itosium and the true schemes of Triaxy, your leaders unwittingly gave up ownership of the planet. And now, having successfully filed for Waste Planet status within the Tri-Galactic Union, they are free to strip-mine your once-peaceful world. Now the thunder of warmachines echoes across the land as Triaxy launches massive attacks upon the planet. The skies are ablaze with burning cities and black smoke clouds out the sun. Your people live like rats in crumbled buildings and scatter like roaches at the sound of approaching soldiers. But they are the fortunate ones, for there are many who await mass eradication in the death camps. It is genocide on a planetary scale never before seen in the Tri-Galaxies. Everything your people have held dear has been taken from them. The cities not destroyed by Triaxy have been transformed into their playgrounds, filled with casinos and debauchery. There your people live as slaves, and like dogs, are at their master’s beck and call. Those who would live as free men are reduced to surviving in the rubble of bombed-out cities where ruthless gangs vie for power and control. The military forces of your world have been eradicated, and those who held a position of power have been silenced. The Tri-Galactic Union turns a blind eye to the plight of your people, and watchdog groups have been forced out. Left to their ways, Triaxy will mine your planet out until it withers and dies and is left a cold, dead rock in space. However, before the collapse of your world’s governments, a top-secret military operation was planned. Operation: Perfect Blue would be the last-ditch effort to reclaim the planet. It will be up to you to make it succeed . .

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