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In 2121, Johnson Brothers Manufacturing was purchased by Breonne and renamed Royal Manufacturing Industry (RMI). As the years passed, new styles, munitions, and technologies were introduced, and the improved DHA range of weapons was brought to market and met with much financial success and critical acclaim. During the fall of 2198, RMI was privatized by the Breonne government. The new owners reorganized it as a UCOR under a charter granted by Breonne. Five years later, RMI rechartered itself under the auspices of the newly formed Adon Economic Community (AEC). Today RMI is considered to be the premier weapons manufacturer and supplier in the galaxy. As the slogan says, "If it says RMI on your guns, your foes are staring down the barrels of the best." RMI handles all aspects of land-based military ordnance, including new, remanufactured, and used weaponry, up to and including its own line of CAV's. It started up its own freight system to get its goods safely from plant directly to customer. It has since expanded its services to include the transport of extra corporate goods. Its freight ships, shipyards, and service docks are a common sight in all parts of the galaxy. RMI forces are renowned as being the best-equipped in known space, complete with the finest in cutting-edge weaponry. There aren't many members of this elite unit, but wherever they may be deployed, they are a force to be reckoned with. They form a special unit within the AEC military arm NADO, and they have historically deported themselves well and with extreme honor. The only bad thing that most military commanders have to say about RMI forces is, "I wouldn't want to have to fight against them."

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