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The time is the late 24th century. The place – the solar system of Earth, but drastically transformed. An alien-made rift in space and time has slashed across the system, and from this wound in the universe have come invaders, not just their troops and ships, but a world, Seyal, which bore with it two races, the arrogant, wraithlike Shi and their enemies, the brutal Quay. The rift brought with it something else…a strange, quantum energy which has granted certain select individuals exotic powers. Five factions now war for control of the solar system – the Earthers, nationalistic, arrogant, and ruled by giant corporations; the Gongen, ascetic and group-oriented, descendants of those who fled the radiation-scarred wastes of Asia for the red sands of Mars; the Mavericks, freedom-loving individualists, pirates and rogues of the outer rim, who are as willing to modify their bodies as their vehicles; the Shi, alien and inscrutable, imperialistic and domineering; and the Quay, tribal, brutal and proud, former Shi slaves who rebelled and now wage war to destroy their former masters. This universe of conflict and power was introduced in the Wars card game from Decipher. Now, you can step inside of it, become a character battling in the eternal conflict.

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