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Soap Stones - Real Soap Novelty Gag Gift

Soap Stones - Real Soap Novelty Gag Gift

AN INDUSTRY NECESSITY! Do you have a gamey gamer in your adventure group? Ever feel like scrubbing after an encounter with a succubae? Removing the splattered goo from a dispatched goblin? Recover from that dragon scorch? These and other hilarious scents are available in this novelty soap (yes it is real soap) in the form of a dungeon wall. Experience the fairy fart, the elf breath, the pixie spit, the barbarian bubbles and all the rest. Also useful for very colorful and pleasantly fragrant dungeons. Soap Stones are hand-crafted, hand-wrapped, novelty soaps, that are available in a variety of colors and scents, with numerous, humorous rotating tag lines.

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