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Killer Crosshairs (Biohazard Games)

Killer Crosshairs (Biohazard Games)

"I'll kill him!" the gunman screamed into the darkness surrounding the hangar, "I swear!" No one moved, no one dared. The terrorist had already executed two hostages and the night was far from over. Shaking with rage and adrenaline the killer stared wild-eyed into the blackness beyond the security lights. On roof tops across the field snipers moved into position. Long rifles and night scopes were lifted to shoulders as cool nerves took aim. The team leader had to hit the lunatic with the first shot and cleanly, or innocent life would be lost. The other snipers would follow his lead and drop the remaining gunmen, but his would be the most critical shot. An inch either way meant disaster. His finger tightened on the trigger… ... and the player rolled the dice!

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