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You have been smart. LAB is a customizable miniatures game that will turn you into a lunatic scientist scheming to conquer the world. Throughout the game you will construct a laboratory consisting of electrifying machines that you connect with the kryochamber - the heart of the laboratory, through the colored cables in order to supply it with resources. Then your dreadful creations emerge from the inner depths of the steaming kryochamber. Every monster has its unique features and the challenge is for you to construct a laboratory capable of creating the monsters you want in your horde. After that you only have to make them obey... The key to victory is to construct a laboratory optimal to your chosen strategy, and use it tactically while defending it from the opponents monsters and ordering your monsters to raze the opponents laboratory. LAB is designed for two or more players and a game lasts approx. 1 hour. Keep you monsters under control or they'll destroy you! Intense combat system where Every monster has a variety of tactics. Easy to learn and dynamic rules makes LAB fast. Connect cables between your machines and the kyromachines to tactically guide resources through the machines and modifications in your laboratory. Three different races with specific advantages and disadvantages.

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