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Imajewels - Superhero & HeroClix

Imajewels - Superhero & HeroClix

These magnificent game pieces introduce our line of prestige gaming aids to the adventure hobby market. A glass bead magnifies a unique image representing nearly anything a GM, player, or particular situation might need. Imajewels can easily display a character, NPC, monster, or animal, but can display objects equally well. Need a token to show which player is carrying the torch? No problem. Need a token for the group's campfire? It's a snap with Imajewels. Even numbers, letters, and words can appear in an Imajewels making them the most versatile game tokens ever! Use Imajewels to track life points in your favorite TCG or show your "token" creatures. While playing your favorite RPG, place an Imajewel of a horse next to your miniature to show the GM you are currently mounted. Quickly show which figures on the table are invisible, held, slowed, or pinned. There is virtually no limit to the applications of an Imajewel to one's game experience! As a miniature or token, there is absolutely nothing quite like an IMAJEWEL!

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