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Search Tips

There are two ways to easily search our inventory: the "Search Our Catalog" bar located at the top of each page, and the advanced search. The search bar will return results on every field in the database, whereas the advanced search will allow you to define specific search parameters. Below are tips on how to perform a more successful search.

Search for fewer words.

If you're unsure of the full title of a product, search on just one or two unique words in the title.

Search for a shorter word or word fragment.

If you're not sure of the spelling of a word in a product's title, search for a shorter fragment of the word for which you are sure of the correct spelling.

Avoid punctuation.

Don't include punctuation marks or special symbols in your search.

Avoid words that can be abbreviated with punctuation.

Don't include words like "and" in your search, as the actual title of the product may use a symbol (e.g., an ampersand) or an abbreviated form of the word (e.g., -n-) in place of the actual word.

Avoid plurals if unsure of the exact spelling.

If you're unsure whether a product's title is pluralized or not, leave off the final "s".

For more control, use the Advanced Search by clicking "ADVANCED" to the right of the search bar. While the "Search Our Catalog" function at the top of every page is quick and convenient to use, it can sometimes return too many matches, since it searches every field in the database for the text you enter.

Define fewer search parameters.

On the Advanced Search page, you may specify many different fields to be searched, such as publisher, part number, category, and so on. If you specify several fields together in the same search, every one of those conditions must be met in order for a product to be found by the search. Only products that meet all of the conditions you specify will be returned. To get a longer list of search results, try specifying search values for fewer fields.