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Marauder Miniatures

Formed by Ally and Trish Morrison. They set up as a separate company in 1988, announced in WD106. The exact reason for forming a separate company is unclear, but may been to establish multiple brands, or to keep personalities apart. Their miniatures were cast and distributed by Citadel alongside the normal Citadel ranges, although at one time they were using the Wargames Foundry facilities. Later miniatures were also designed by Colin Dixon. They were reabsorbed back into the main Citadel ranges in 1993, about the same time that the 4th edition of Warhammer was launched. The last distinct Marauder advert is in WD152, after that they are shown in the normal White Dwarf catalog section. They continue to be listed in the catalogs as Marauder Miniatures until the 1994 catalog, and miniatures marked on the tab as Marauder continued to appear for several years.

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Marauder Giant

By: Marauder Miniatures

Year: 1993

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: Fantasy Miniatures (Marauder Miniatures)

Minotaur #3

By: Marauder Miniatures

Stock #: MM46-3    Year: 1990

Type: Minis Pack

Product Line: Fantasy Miniatures (Marauder Miniatures)

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