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Crafty Games was founded in 2005 but its roots date back to 2002, with the release of the award-winning Spycraft RPG (now referred to as Classic Spycraft). Alderac Entertainment Group gave three ambitious lunatics with keyboards and a dream the chance to produce a d20-based espionage roleplaying game and the world was never the same. Blending elegant, balanced rules with thrilling, original settings, Spycraft and its many derivatives landed on the gaming scene like a neutron bomb. Sales charts burst into flames, players took to the streets with graffiti campaigns to spread the word, and the designers were pelted with ridiculous gilded awards in the shape of Ursula Andress in that awesome bikini from Dr. No. Well, that last part might be a bit of an exaggeration, but so far no one’s disproved it in a court of law so we’re sticking to the facts as we know them. Shortly after the release of the game’s second edition, Spycraft 2.0, AEG discontinued most of its RPG lines. This left Spycraft without a home and gave its creators an opportunity to steal it away and make with the happy, happy fun time. Back room deals were brokered and sacrifices were made, and here they are: a band of merry maniacs and a growing army of the coolest, most dedicated fans in the biz, scheming from the shadows. Crafty Games is responsible for the Mistborn Adventure Game, based on the New York Times best-selling novel series by Brandon Sanderson, as well as Fantasy Craft, a high adventure OGL toolkit game that lets you build and play in your world, on your terms. Their upcoming releases include Little Wizards, a starter RPG designed to introduce kids aged 6 to 10 to the hobby, and the highly anticipated Spycraft Third Edition, a fresh start and a brand new direction for the World's Greatest Espionage RPG.

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