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ComicsOne Corp. was an American distributor of Asian Comics (manga, manhwa, and manhua), established in 1999. ComicsOne was based in Fremont, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. ComicsOne also served as the distributor for videos and merchandise related to its licensed titles. Alex Farreres Milanini (a.k.a. Apostol) used to have three hobbies when he was young: Fantasy Football, Action Figures and Comic-books. Today, he proudly runs Comixininos, an online store specialized in Blood Bowl and other Fantasy Football games. This would have never happened without the support of Ereinion, Kart Hadtha, Strang, Alex Jaws, Shumy, Barry, Txus, Luis, Rafa from RN Estudio, David, Kafre, Korgluk, Tirs, Ignasi, Mariel.la and Aiko. Comixininos is honored to have in his catalog the hottest Fantasy Football manufacturers: Games Workshop, Impact!, Gaspez Arts, Greebo, Shadowforge, Willy Miniatures, Mano di Porco, Heresy, Neomics, ffstore, Hasslefree, Goblin Forge, Black Scorpion, Warlord, Green Dog, JB Demon, Orc from Bilbao and many more. Among their products, you will also find Fantasy Football Accessories like Block Dice, Bases, Magnetic Balls, Gaming Mats, Game Boards, Team Carrying Bags, Range Rulers, Number Templates / Decals, Dice Pouches, Gaming Tokens, Shoulder Pads and other awesome tools to make your team and your playing experience unique. But, it’s not just about Fantasy Football. Comixininos also offers Sci-Fi, Gladiators and Movie related miniatures.

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