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Uncharted Seas, The - Shroud Mages (1:600)

Uncharted Seas, The - Shroud Mages (1:600)

The Shroud Mages are an old and wily order of magic users, whose practices are a mixture of priestly ritual and the control of elemental energies. They can command the basic elements of air, earth, fire and water, but their true skill is in manipulating the elements of light and darkness. The Shroud Mages have become masters of shadow, being able to darken clear skies and befuddle the senses of onlookers. When the Great Rift split the Dwarven world in two the artisans of magic, known as the Shroud Mages, or Dark Ones, enlisted the aid of the Magus, a powerful faction within the Dwarf Kingdom, to aid in their exodus. The Magus were masters of steam and they set about building giant steam powered vessels to transport their new allies. Leaving the Shandelfan Kingdom, home of the Dwarven people, was not hard for the Magus who had grew tired of the constant bickering and in fighting of their kin. With their mighty fleet assembled the Magus traveled west into the Uncharted Seas, sailing through the Voskian Strait and the Strait of Usank. they eventually settled at Farl in the Voskian Wastes and built a large settlement. With the assistance of the Shroud Mages, who were now under the leadership of Asser Moriarnus, they saw off occasional raids by the Northern Vosk, but were badly defeated by a Dragon Lord fleet near Helg, where a large naval battle took place. It was then that Moriarnus sued for peace and signed a pact with the Dragon Lords. But this did not sit well with the Magus who, having turned their backs on their own kin, now decided that the Shroud Mages had gone too far and had lost their honor. Bickering erupted and some bloody skirmishes took place. The Magus despised the Dragon Lords, and left their former allies, vowing to never sit at a table of peace with them again.

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